Elshaden is an IT services and support provider, operating from offices in Tripoli & Benghazi. We improve organization operations, large and small, through our selected services, delivering security, mobility and productivity. We succeed by being responsive, innovative, and customer-focused. Elshaden provides comprehensive enterprise services that support and enhance business practice without increasing costs. These include our Technical resources, Consultation, Help Desk & Ticket system, Spares Management, Warranty Services, SLA’s, and other services.

1 Servers
Communication today forms the backbone of efficiency in any organization. We present you with advanced solutions that can help reduce costs and increase productivity while providing the ultimate communication experience.

Protect the critical business data on your servers with disk/centralized storage (SAN) devices as well as software for backup and replication.

The heartbeat of any organization is in the data center. Employees, partners, and customers rely on data and resources in the Data Center to effectively create, collaborate, and interact.

Our networking expertise is complemented by our proficiency in sales, design, installation and maintenance. Therefore we not only understand what will work for you now, but also what will work for the future.

Professional Solutions for your business

Elshaden has partnered with many manufactures from across the globe to provide our customers with cutting-edge innovations of tomorrow to meet their current and future business needs. Our business solutions, which utilize a range of hardware, software, and services, focus on initiatives critical to your business success. Our Business Technology offerings can help you manage and transform your technology environments to deliver better business value.