Information Technology today forms the backbone of efficiency in any organization. We present you with advanced solutions that can help reduce costs and increase productivity while providing the ultimate communication experience. From regular hard disks to comprehensive data storage systems, application servers to clusters, we present a wide range of servers & storage systems for everything from departmental needs to data centers.

Elshaden has partnered with many manufactures from across the globe to provide our customers with cutting-edge innovations of tomorrow to meet their current and future business needs. Our business solutions, which utilize a range of hardware, software, and services, focus on initiatives critical to your business success. Our Business Technology offerings can help you manage and transform your technology environments to deliver better business value.

The very main comprehensive portfolio of servers and storage products responds to this early challenge and more. Elshaden can offer the breadth and depth of products to meet the full range of your enterprise needs. We deal with servers, storage, and also on warranties in Libya.

    • IBM Xservers
    • IBM Power servers
    • IBM Purflex